Friday, December 7:

Every nerve and cell in my body is communicating to me that this, making yoga a personal practice, needs to be the highest priority in my life right now.

Excuses abound. I didn’t practice for a month! How can I just jump in it again? Why did I fall off to begin with? There’s no way I’ll have the strength, endurance and flexibility to practice adequately! How will you jump right in when it took you months to even learn to wake up at 5am every day?

Irrelevant. Just do it.

For now I am doing the Sun Salutations and Standing Sequence, as well as a couple of poses from the Finishing Sequence. Next week I’ll throw in some more poses from the Finishing Sequence. In the Ashtanga manual by David Swenson, he mentions a few super-important poses that should always be done. Those poses happen to be some of my favorites, too, and I miss them!

It was a mental hurdle to even begin Standing Sequence. For a while I have been intimidated by them, particularly the final sequences of Prasarita Padottanasana. But I was just making excuses for myself. They’re not bad at all! I am fully capable!

And what follows, the Primary Series, has actually become a strong favorite for me. All but a few of the poses I am intimately familiar with, thanks to Janus’ classes.

Nothing has helped me shed mental ignorance and limitations as rapidly as yoga. In just a few short months a deep, unbreakable bond has been formed with yoga and my body and soul. (I leave out mind because, darn, it is insidious in its laziness!)

Saturday, December 8:

I need my sleep schedule back, man. I went to bed really late because I gave in to weakness (free weed! ‘cept nothing’s free…). I wake up ridonkulously tired around 7 and don’t get around to yoga until the PM. Suffice to say I only did the sun salutations (5 of each). Sure, they work up a sweat, but still… You’re better than this Adam! You got this!

Sunday, December 9:

Sun salutations again. No worries. As long  as I’m doing something, every single day (except for full/new moons), I’ll be good. The fact that I want to do the whole sequence means it will come. Just be patient.

Monday, December 10:

There we go. I didn’t wake up at 5 — melatonin, where art thou? — and did not begin practice until nearly 4 PM. Yet I worked through the discomfort and gave it my all, sweating all over the place en route to a satisfying Standing Sequence. Keep it up baby!

Tuesday, December 11:


Wednesday, December 12:

Sun Salutations. 5x each. Good lather of a sweat. Meditated for ~20 minutes afterwards. Really looked forward to my practice today. Almost went for standing sequence, but let’s take it slow. Tomorrow morning?

Thursday, December 13:

Sun Salutations, 5x each. I am accepting that this is where my practice lies. Earlier today I remembered that Pattabhi Jois said the best time to start practice is in the winter. Coincidence?

Beginner’s mind.

Namaste. Om. Derek Black. I am going to write the sickest review for Derek Black’s new yoga gym.

Friday, December 14:

Sun Salutations, 5x each. I am beginning to get my comfort back. I’m feeling stronger. Lithe. Let’s just work on doing these first thing in the morning, yeah?

Saturday, December 15:

Sun Salutations, 5x each. Fairly tough, but nothing I couldn’t handle. More so mentally than physically. The fast and all. Broke a sweat, felt good afterwards, had a nice meditation sesh. Let’s keep at it boy!