This is long overdue, and it is going to involve quite a bit of transcription by yours truly, but it is certainly worth the effort!

One of the five most influential books in my life: The Source Field Investigations by David Wilcock!


Most spiritual teachings also say we will eventually reunite with this “Oneness”–and even when we walk in complete ignorance of these greater realities, a hidden spiritual curriculum is influencing our lives–and will eventually guide us back Home. We also consistently hear that benevolent super-beings, such as Jesus, Buddha, Krishna and others, have directly intervened in Earth’ s history to help show us the way to this greater Truth. As Graham Hancock, Zecharia Sitchin and others have reported, many of the oldest cultures speak of “gods” who gave them practical assistance–written language, mathematics, astronomy, agriculture, animal husbandry, ethics, law and architecture–including massive stone edifices, built out of impossibly heavy multi-ton blocks, which apparently served some useful purpose. Despite the immense difficulty in duplicating these feats even with today’s technology, these “megalithic” structures appear all over the world.

If you have seen my  YouTube documentary that was the genesis for this book, entitled The 2012 Enigma, my Web site, Divine Cosmos, or some of my television appearances, you probably know that I do not believe our future is depressing, terrifying or cataclysmic. Instead, I feel our destinies on Earth are being carefully and meticulously guided by a hidden intelligence–a living energy field the entire Universe is built from. Many great researchers have independently discovered this unseen Universal force and given it their own names, without there ever being a single, unifying standard. Since this force may well be the source of all space, time, matter, energy, biology and consciousness in the Universe, the simplest all-inclusive term I use is the Source Field.

This is not a book of philosophy, speculation or wishful thinking–it is a vast synthesis of investigations into the Source Field. I am standing on the shoulders of giants in writing this book, as the overwhelming majority of these findings was developed by Ph.D.s from accredited universities, who ended up discovering things that often put them at odds with their colleagues, employers and much of the mainstream world. There are also many examples in which a scientist or research institute made one specific breakthrough that was released into the mainstream press–but the media did not see or understand how well it tied in with so many other related discoveries. In Russia, however, there has been a consistent, focused effort to investigate the Source Field since at least the 190s–but until the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, the vast majority of all these revelations were classified for national security. Over te thousand papers investigating the Source Field were published by 1996 alone, with more than half of them from Russia.  The implications of what they found are so staggering that I suspect you will be stunned by how much we already know about this unseen force–which influences absolutely everything we see, hear, do and believe.

It has taken me over thirty years of dedicated research to assemble this grand collection of data.

As I bring you on a guided tour into the deeper mysteries of space, time, energy, matter, biology and consciousness, we will also explore subjects as fascinating as antigravity, dematerialization, teleportation, the parallel reality where time is three-dimensional, quantum geometry, natural “vortex points” on the Earth where ships and planes disappear, real-world examples of time travel, the Maya calendar as a tool for calculating when these “portals” will open, and an analysis of how our galaxy is driving all the different cycles we experience–for our own physical, biological and spiritual evolution.

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