by Sanaya Roman

One of those books that, as I read it, seemed to bypass the conscious and mesh into my soul. Apparently this book was channeled.

Edgar Cayce. David Wilcock. Ra. Thoth. Cassiopaea. Now this book. Channeling is becoming a recurring theme.

I was reading this book while going through the April drama. Sweet but short-lived.

Chapter 1: Greetings from Orin

“This book will enable you to see more clearly the energy world you exist in, to understand the belief systems, mass thoughtforms, and telepathic energies of others which affect you. It is a course in bringing the unconscious into consciousness, delving into the mystery of the unseen energies in and around you.

Looking at energy closely is like looking at a familiar object through a microscope: although it is still the same object, it looks different up close.

You can learn to recognize the energies you pick up subconsciously.

The microscope, in this case, is your awareness, your innate ability to focus your attention on whatever you choose. Not only do you perceive the world through your physical senses, you also pick up information constantly at a nonverbal, intuitive level. Your thoughts are the doorway to sensing energy, and your inner eyes provide the tools for changing and working with it. You can learn to heal negative energy, to increase your ability to visualize, and to have telepathic communication with people, knowing what they are thinking of you and how to work with their nonverbal messages.

Part of sensing energy is hearing the messages all around you. You need not be affected by other people’s bad moods. You have the ability to heal every time you notice negativity, to help people evolve, to increase the positive energy around you, and change the nature of your personal relationships.

You are like a radio that can receive many stations. What you receive depends on what you pay attention to.

Things such as telepathy, precongnition, the ability to tap into new scientific inventions, discoveries of information not yet known, and an increased connection with universal consciousness will become the norm as evolution takes its course. The awakening of man is a journey into awareness of the higher energy realms. It is possible now for many to learn what was before only possible for a few.

If you are drawn to this information, then you are certainly developing and experiencing your latent abilities.”