This book is too good and valuable to just transcript the whole thing. I suggest you peep it yourself. I’m going to stick to the bolded sentences; they register the most within me soul:

“Awareness of your body, thoughts, and emotions allows you to discover the effect other people have on you.

Do not make the other person, or yourself, wrong.

When you are feeling depreciated, angry, or drained, it is a sign that other people are not open to your energy.

If you want a healing connection with others, know how much to give, and how much to receive.

Emotions help you create reality.

Listen with a silent mind. You can then direct the flow of energy between yourself and others.”

Chapter V: Who am I?

“Making a commitment to yourself means listening to your feelings from moment to moment and acting on what is right for you in present time.

Know when to pay attention to your own needs and when to be selfless.

Do not feel responsible for everyone’s happiness. Only they can choose it, you cannot choose it for them.

Give to others what you want to receive–love, support, appreciation, healing, and acknowledgment–and you will get it back.

To dissolve fear, turn and look directly at it, for what you face dissolves in the light of consciousness.

Love and accept who you are, not who you will be or should be.”

Chapter VI: Bringing the Unconscious into Consciousness

“As you focus on what is good about people, you enable them to achieve it.

Be aware of the images you create about yourself when you speak to others.

You never do anything that is not in some way an attempt to bring more light into your life.

To bring the subconscious into the higher self, look at each area of your life and ask, “What is my highest vision?”

See everyone as expanding and growing, and you will see yourself that way also.

If you ask for guidance, trust the messages that come into your mind.”