“Energy exists all around you. It exists as the thoughts and feelings that people around you project. Energy comes from the Earth itself–the land, trees, and animals all emit energy. Each place on Earth has a different energy, each neighborhood, each community. High altitudes have different energy than low altitudes; cities have different energy than small towns. Everything is alive in your universe and emits energy, which you can learn to sense.

You are a magnificent energy-sensing device. You can sense energy in many ways, with touch, sight, hearing, smell, feelings, thoughts and physical sensations. You can sense the energy in ways that will give you much valuable information, tuning into people’s energy on a physical, emotional, or mental level by simply practicing. You can learn to tune into anyone, physically present or not. You can pick up people’s thought images, their inner beliefs, and even their cries for help. Be aware that you cannot violate people’s privacy in areas that their souls do not wish to reveal, however, for the soul is able to veil from anyone what it does not want to expose.

The more you can become aware of other people’s energy, the more aware you can become of your own inner guidance.

You are constantly sending thoughts and pictures to other people. It is important to become consciously aware of the images you are sending them if you want to create with awareness the reality you live in. You can send healing images to yourself with your imagination, and heal others by sending them healing images.

The first skill to develop for sensing energy is the ability to pay attention. Learn how to observe others by being silent. You know what it is like to sit back and watch. Start by observing any area about which you want more information. As you think intently about something, you will begin to receive guidance, ideas, and new thoughts about the issue.

After you stop and pay attention, the next step is to assume an attitude of confidence, and trust the information you are receiving. When you first begin to tune into your future, or into other people, you may doubt what you are receiving, and wonder if you are making it up. The doubt can be a friend if it keeps pushing you to be more accurate and precise in what you sense, as long as it does not stop you from continuing. Begin by believing in what you are sensing.

As you sit quietly and ask to see what lies ahead for you in a certain area of your life, thinking of a decision you want to make or a path you want more information about, bits and pieces of information will begin coming to you. Your intent to know the future sends your mind out to that future time, and it will bring back data to you. Sometimes information comes as a vague feeling, such as a feeling of joy or discomfort. Do not hold expectations of what you will experience. It is also important not to judge your initial attempts but to simply let any impressions come in.

A writer who is opening the flow of creativity must temporarily suspend judgment. Any creative person must suspend his judgmental, critical part during the time the new information is coming through. Later, this part will be valuable in refining the information, but initially it is better to simply remain open. Likewise, when you first begin to receive impressions, suspend your judgment. Do not be critical, asking, “Is this right or is this wrong? Am I just making this up?” for that will stop the impressions from coming in. Let the impressions continue to flow. You may even want to jot them down, for you will discover later that what seems obvious and simple as it comes through often seems profound later on. When you do not write down impressions, you forget them. When you record your impressions, you get feedback.

Feedback is a very important part of your reality. In your world, actions create reactions, and it is important to be able to observe what reactions your actions cause. If you have been tuning into energy and you are beginning to get data, feelings and thoughts back, record them. Several months from now, you will probably be amazed to see the way these impressions connect with your decisions and what actually happens. It is a good way to open your awareness.

You can sense energy to the degree your heart is open and loving.

As you tune into others, open your heart, and embrace them with a thought of love, not criticism. Imagine an unloving, critical person tuning into someone’s energy. The other person would not open (even subconsciously or on another energy level) to reveal any information, for that critical energy would feel like an intrusion.

Many people are very aware of energy, and yet when they sense something that does not fit with their known reality, with life the way they believe it to be, they tune it out. You will need to be willing to see that many people think differently and believe in different things than you without making them wrong if you want to accurately perceive their energy.

Tolerance means you can accept many different viewpoints and love people for who they are. If you are willing to be tolerant, you can embark on an enormous adventure. Each person has a unique way of looking at the world. If you can discover what is unique, is free, open, and loving about everyone you know and meet, you will discover new ways that you yourself may become more free, open and loving.

Most people are fixed within their own being. They have been taught the world operates in a certain way, and that is how they see it. This inflexibility leaves them with fewer and fewer areas of freedom and choice.

These people may be very unaware of other people’s energy. They see everything in the world not as they affect it, but as it affects them. They look at the world as if it revolves around them. Because they view the world this way, they often feel powerless to change things to achieve the results they want.

Your imagination is a most powerful energy-sensing tool.

Another faculty you can use to sense energy is your imagination. You have been given an imagination to create things. Unbounded by belief structures, it is one of your most powerful energy-sensing devices. As you imagine, so do you connect with higher and finer energies. Imagination is not bound by time and space; it is not bound by your physical body. When you make things up, you often do it with a sense of joy and play, in a state of relaxation. This is a highly intuitive state.

If you do not know how to do something, pretend that you do, for the subconscious does not know the difference between pretending and what is truly happening. The subconscious accepts whatever you pretend is real and will use it to create your outer reality. I tell people to “magnetize your goal to you” and they tell me they do not know how. I tell them to pretend they know how–and it works!

Focusing speeds up time and directs energy.

Focusing is like having a laser beam compared to an overhead light. Use your abilities of focus and concentration to sense energy. Focus is the ability to concentrate on one idea to the exclusion of all others. If you want to find information, it is important to focus upon it. The degree of focus you put on it will determine how fast you gain the knowledge you seek. Focus takes you directly to what you seek. When your mind is thus directed, you cannot be affected by the other energies in the universe; you are protected in that sense, and what you are focusing on becomes clear.

As you become aware of energy, you will want to determine if it is charging or draining you. You have the ability to determine that by monitoring your energy. If you are paying attention to a certain situation and feeling drained, acknowledge your ability to know and sense truth.

You can heal other people by sending them symbols and images. You can heal a situation by envisioning and symbolizing it as easily as you can heal it with words. Symbols are, in fact, more direct and more healing than words, for they are not connected to your belief systems. Think of a situation in your life right now, something you would like an answer to, and ask for a healing image.

There are currents of energy that circle the planet and you can tap into them anytime you want. If you want physical energy, you can breathe deeply and imagine that you are connected to the flow of all the people who have an abundance of vitality. At any one time there are millions of people focused on certain ideas. Simply close your eyes and tune in (even if it is just with your imagination) to all those people who are doing the same thing you are. T une into their flow of high, successful energy. Through your breathing, you can draw in your global connection to other people or to the assistance and guidance from the higher forces of the universe.

Any energy you want exists in the world. If you want more love, you can breathe in the love that is there, circling the planet. Sooner or later it will be there in your physical reality. If you are working on a project and find difficulties in completing it, you can tune into all the people out there who are successfully completing their projects. You can be a healing influence in everything you do. Use your ability to sense and tune into energy to evolve yourself and others; it is a skill you can develop that will help evolve you rapidly.”