Chapter VIII

“Compassion is the ability to put yourself in the other person’s shoes.

You do not have to go through pain and struggle to grow.

You have the greatest power of all, the ability to heal yourself.

You have the ability to know your truth.

As y ou think over what you will say to someone, hold the image of your deepest truth, and practice loving ways of expressing it.

Honoring your deepest truth is a great gift to you and to the other person.

Journey Into Light: Going Higher

The ability to make yourself right rather than wrong will help you grow faster.

There is no one right way to evolve or pursue your soul’s path. It is up to you to choose whatever is best for you.

If any area of your life is not working, one of your beliefs in that area needs to be changed.

You can assist mankind in achieving peace by evolving your thoughts.

Learning Unconditional Love

Unconditional love is learning to be the source of love rather than waiting for others to be the source.

Unconditional love transforms fear.

Fear is a place that has not yet discovered love.

You learn to love by putting yourself in situations that challenge you to be loving.

Whatever you give others is also a gift to yourself.

If you have nothing to defend, life becomes easier, for you do not have to pretend to be anything you are not.

Love brings beauty to everything and everyone. Most of all, love brings beauty to you.

As you become filled with light, your power to affect the world around you increases.

Handling Pain by Choosing to Grow

Pain is only trigered by another person when there is pain within you.

The more you understand what you are learning from a situation, the more rapidly you can leave it.

Pain is a powerful indicator of growth, and it can be changed with love.

If others express anger with you, or withhold their love in some way, do not let their negativity become a part of your response.

Opening Your Intuition

Many doorways will open when you follow your intuition.

Acting on your intuition brings your goals to you faster.

Send loving energy into your past.

The best way to open your intuition is to listen to it.

When you operate from intuition things always happen easily.

Your Mind, Inner Dialogue, and Personal Broadcast

Saying high, loving words over and over raises your mind’s vibration.

Talk of the qualities you aspire to as if you already have them.

By evolving yourself to the highest level you can, you create a doorway for those one step behind you to come through.

You can control your thoughts.

A trained mind creates emotional calm and inner peace by focusing on higher ideals, wisdom, and love.

You can change the energy between yourself and anyone by using positive words.

Wisdom: Being Your Higher Self

Feeling love rather than judgment changes negative energy into harmless energy.

Rather than resisting or getting rid of lower thoughts, simply place thoughts of a higher nature by their side.

Wisdom is being able to discern which messages to pay attention to and which to release.

What is loving to the self is always loving to others.

Wisdom is the ability to know when to act and when not to.

It is important to experience compassion rather than sympathy.

When you think of others they receive energy from you.

If you want something from somebody, picture a time in which you gave that same thing to someone else.

Receiving Guidance From the Higher Realms

True healing involves compassion and love for both yourself and others.

All you need to do to receive guidance is to ask for it and then listen.

The mind has 40,000 to 50,000 thoughts a day. When 1,000 to 2,000 of those daily thoughts are directed to a goal, it will come rapidly.

If you look upward and focus on higher realms, as surely as you breathe you will receive any help or information you need.

Writing down your goals brings them to you faster.

It is up to you to create the specific form your work will take.