Sun Conjunct Mercury (2.12 degrees)

The person is mentally active: intellectual, self-expressive and talkative. Curious and wants to know about everything. The person is ambitious, creative, and has especially good business sense. May excel in writing, lecturing, debating, or any intellectual field. Has great mental energy and excellent learning capacity. Optimistic.

Because Mercury rules the nervous system and in this case is “combust,” or burned by the hot Sun, the person is nervous, restless, and often lacking in patience. The person may be high-strung. His mind, in working too fast, may sometimes lack depth. Health-wise the person is susceptible to lung problems and difficulties with the intestines and nervous system. It is crucial to note the closeness, by degree, of the conjunction of the Sun and Mercury. The stronger the “combustion,” the more intense the effects will be all the way around.

The person is a fine teacher. He possesses the qualities of a Virgo and a Gemini. Perceptive, analytical, critical. He can sell anything. However, Mercury’s combustion with the Sun limits the person’s objectivity and impartiality. The person lacks perspective regarding himself and his actions. He is unaware of his chronic “blind spots.” The person may be somewhat egocentric and occasionally dogmatic, stubborn, or narrow in thought. This is because the Sun and Mercury (representing the spirit and the mind) are in the same sign. This creates a “double experience” of everything.

The person has good willpower. He is witty, humorous, and has a dramatic mind. He will benefit from his father, who may be intelligent, intellectual and expressive. The person may be extremely talkative and he may need to develop better listening skills. Because Mercury and the Sun are never more than ninety degrees apar,t their conjunction is a very common aspect. It is also the only aspect that is possible between the two.

Aside from the bit about the father, this is uncannily spot-on. I had been in denial about the “his mind, in working too fast, sometimes lack depth” bit, but as I simulate the belief I realize it is true, and have (and continue, hopefully) taken the necessary counter-measures (read: awareness).

It makes me smile at how yoga balances out much of the excessively wired / nervous-system-on-fire traits described.

There are 15 other planetary aspects I have to type up. I intended to make this one big post, but instead I’ll separate them.