2.04 degrees:

The person is intelligent, incisive, and of the best attitude. He is optimistic, enthusiastic and determined. He loves knowledge and is an independent thinker. He will never be pushed to deny his own perceptions. There is literary talent and excellent communication skills. The person is expressive and lets his feelings be known. He is direct and to the point. He excels in mechanical ability, architecture, engineering or drafting. He has great common sense.

The nervous system is solid and the person is confident. He is resilient and recovers quickly from failure. He is alert, clever, witty and humorous. He loves life and is active and adventurous. The person is competent, and his success is favored. He is well-organized and readily accomplishes his goals and intentions. He is practical and skeptical, and learns things on the first try. He is sarcastic and satirical. He enjoys a friendly argument and wins in debate.

There is a danger of selfishness and a strong temper. The person is creative and curious and is always open to new concepts. He may be an excellent speaker. His mind is positive and outgoing, and he rarely gets caught in depression. F. Scott Fitzgerald had Mercury trine Mars aspect. Because Mercury and Mars are both fast-moving planets, this aspect should not be accorded too much significance unless it is very tight by degree, or other birth chart factors concur.