1.02 degrees:

This one isn’t in How to Be A Great Astrologer either, so seeking outside help…

Moon conjunct the Midheaven is a powerful placement. Since the Moon is the deepest part of yourself and the Midheaven is your highest aspirations in the outer world, your professional strivings will come from a very soulful place. Your career path can be full of introspection and reflection. There’s less ambition for sheer ambition’s sake and more so a rather unconscious need for fulfill yourself emotionally.

Since the Moon represents our vulnerabilities, people with this position in their natal charts can be way too aware of and affected by what other people think. At a less mature level, this can make one extremely defensive. But, with personal growth, an uncanny sense of ease can develop in the public eye. The Moon is our place of comfort and Moon conjunct MC people can be unusually comfortable in the spotlight. This is why this is often called the “fame” position.

Moon conjunct MC people are like celebrities in our own way. There is a use of an intimate part of ourselves (the Moon) in our public image (Midheaven) in order to make an impression or get ahead. This creates a kind of pseudo-intimacy that draws in numerous “fans” and makes people believe they know us way better than they actually do. But, the thing is with Moon conjunct MC, this is very natural and not something that’s necessarily calculated. We just instantly project that part of ourselves.

People instantly pick up on your Moon energy and your widespread reputation will relate to some part of your Moon sign’s archetype. With Moon conjunct Midheaven in Pisces, you may be seen as highly artistic, compassionate, and spiritual but also a bit spacey, daydreamy, and something of a “lost soul”. But, like I said, you’re quite responsible for projecting this image. If you’re not careful, the bad habits of your Moon will really negatively affect your social life. But, since Moon conjunct MC is so acutely aware of what others think, you can use the most positive traits of your Moon sign to cultivate the best image for yourself.

From a questionable source — a random poster on a random message board — but that’s an appeal to authority. I am the only authority that matters, and in this case I register with this interpretation.

Here’s another interpretation:

On some level, [even subconsciously] you are likely to crave some form of recognition for your achievements in the world. You are also likely to be very sensitive about your role in public, and may seek a sense of security from your chosen profession. This placement can suggest that you choose a profession in which you look after others, a caring role perhaps. Your mother may have had a strong influence on your life direction. Whatever profession you care to select, you may discover that catering to the needs of females, or promoting products and services more concerned with female interests would have a better chance of success than those more male oriented. There may also be a fair amount of fluctuations experienced in your work or your career. With the Moon as the most elevated planet in your chart you are endowed with an innate skill in terms of having the ability to appeal to the public, possessing the capacity to sway the minds of the public. Should you ever feel the desire to stand for the local community, local council, public speaking or politics, you might surprise yourself at just how effective your words can be on others. Knowing this might just tip the scales in overcoming any fearfulness encountered when asked to speak in front of an audience, bringing your hidden talents into focus and enabling you to maximize your hidden potential.