1.12 degrees:

This one isn’t in How to Be A Great Astrologer, so I sought help from Cafe Astrology:

Moon Square Ascendant:

The way you express yourself to others, or your body language and manner, tends to conflict with how you truly feel. You are highly emotional and your feelings demand attention immediately. While your body language is expressive, it’s not always a true reflection of how you actually feel. Uncertainty about how others will respond to you if you do express your true feelings is at the root of this. You are also highly sensitive to the moods of people around you and the emotional atmosphere of your immediate surroundings, although you might interpret these things in an exaggerated fashion. As you develop and grow, and with experience, you might learn to be less self-conscious about expressing your true feelings, and less inclined to imagine disapproving reactions to them.

My ascendant is Libra; have not found a direct interpretation of Moon Square Libra. Libra is an Air sign, symbolizing balance, and ruling marriage (it is ruled by Venus, the planet of love).