4.59 degrees:

If the Sun is square or opposite Jupiter, the person is indulgent and unduly confident. He has an excessively high opinion of himself and believes he deserves status and benefits without having to work for them. He expects, without any justification, a life of pleasure, personal gratification, and preferential treatment. He is neglectful, procrastinating, and in the final analysis just plain lazy. Unless Saturn is strong in the birth chart and the person develops discipline, seriousness, and a sense of priority he may live a shallow and superficial life. The person is excited, enthusiastic, and does things in a big way. He is attached to appearances and loves to make a big show of himself. Unfortunately, he rarely delivers on his promises. He exaggerates and wants too much, too fast. In severe cases the person makes an art form of pretense.

The person is kidn and sympathetic. Intentions are good. He wants everyone to enjoy and does not wish to hurt others. There is a philosophical nature and a deep interest in religion and spiritual techniques. However, there may be little inclination to practice arduous austerities or disciplined regimens on a regular basis. Because of his propensity to exaggerate and embellish, the person excels on stage or in front of crowds. In this realm he is also aided by his expanded ego, overly optimistic personality, and fanciful imagination. The person is charming, magnetic and charismatic.

There is a distinct danger of arrogance and conceit. The person suffers from poor judgement, unrealistic expectations, and foolish optimism. He is likely to demand too much from others. He does not finish what he begins, and then finds himself frustrated when he does not achieve his goals. There is too much emphasis on pleasure and sense gratification. The person should especially guard against engaging in shortcuts and “get-rich-quick” schemes. He must develop a sense of urgency, and beware of living life as a perpetual child. The person is restless and he travels a lot. He wants to experience everything life has to offer. There are abundant opportunities which may, unfortunately, be taken for granted. Fidel Castro has the Sun-Jupiter opposition within two and one half degrees.

All very true. Fortunately Saturn is prominent within my birth chart: Venus sextile Saturn, Mars square Saturn, Saturn conjunct Uranus and Saturn conjunct Neptune.

That helps explain why I have not succumbed to that scathing first paragraph. To be sure, I was definitely indulgent, overconfident and flat-out lazy for much of my life. I thought I was special; I thought I didn’t have to work hard, that natural talent would always win out.

Not anymore. Now I’m all about hard work, discipline, routine, and consistency.

I would like to pursue drama more, and certainly will later in life. Ditto travel.

I still demand too much from others. I definitely have to make it a priority to guard against shortcuts.