8.37 degrees:

First off: the degrees are quite far apart. That means this interpretation is liable to be quite inaccurate. Personally I feel if the aspect is separated by more than 4 degrees, one must significantly discount the accuracy of it.

If Venus is conjunct Pluto, the person’s greatest desire is to love intensely and completely, and to learn everything there is to know about human bonding. The person devotes tremendous energy to his love relationships, and is the master at passion and sexual technique. He is instinctive and extraordinarily gifted in flirting, courting, and mating. He enjoys the most wonderful merging with another soul that a person can experience in physical form. However, there may be a lifetime of deeply emotional, strenuous or painful love affairs.

Okay, I can see where it’s coming from. Keep in mind all these descriptions are intentionally written in an absolutist form, as if these aspects were destiny, and assuming the degrees are within two degrees.

It is hard for me to argue with the first sentence. My greatest desire is to love intensely and completely, but not necessarily with a partner, or at least, not with just a partner. Primarily I want it to be with the Source, and which by nature will extend to all other forms of life, likely beginning in intensity with my significant other, then to my mother, and so on.

I am far from the master at sexual technique, although I’m equally sure that will change in the future. You gotta keep perspective on these interpretations: they’re describing a lifetime, while I am in a point in my life. So you can’t just say, “Well, that doesn’t apply [right now], so it’s all wrong.”

But in general I am pretty mediocre with flirting and mating and such. Number one problem is I’m too submissive and reluctant. Number two problem, related to number one, is that no one makes me feel that way. So no, I have not been privy to painful love affairs, and likely never will.

Because the qualities of Venus and Pluto are so incongruous, this conjunction presents one of the most challenging situations of all astrological aspects. Venus represents love — the natural, free-flowing energy of the universe and, in human life, the harmonious give-and-take of pleasure and affection. Pluto, on the other hand, is an influence of extreme sensitivity, depth, intensity, power, compulsion, control, etc.  The two energies do not mix smoothly. Too much concentrated attention is, by nature, contrary to the gentle Venus experience. While the person will certainly possess great talent artistically, sexually, and in emotional depth, he will ultimately suffer on account of his consuming desires, cravings and attachments. Also, although the Venus-Pluto conjunction is difficult for any individual, it is far more trying for women. This is because Venus, being one of the astrological indicators of females, represents some of the most intrinsic and essential features of feminine existence.

I can understand if I’m receiving a distant effect of these qualities. I’ve always had a problem controlling my “consuming desires, cravings and attachments.”

The person is too sensitive in love matters. He is naked and vulnerable in affections and passions. And he suffers the deepest hurt in moments when love does not go his way. Therefore, in attempts to avoid continual ego death-and-rebirth experiences, the person learns during childhood to manipulate his partner as well as his own feelings. Unfortunately, this is the worst possible response; it opens the way to relationships that are unbalanced, obsessive or compulsive. The person would be wiser to embrace the challenge of emotional growth and soul t ransformation that he has so courageously chosen for himself. The person is sexy, sensual and erotic. He knows how to please his mate and is extremely attentive in fulfilling his partner’s most desired pleasures. His heart chakra is highly developed, and his best spiritual evolution comes through “bhakti yoga,” the yoga of love, devotion and service. He is interested in tantra (raising the kundalini energy by tapping the sexual forces). Or he may practice Taoist methods of sexual technique.

Passages like these are piercingly accurate: I’ve had a couple of books on my hard drive about Taoist and tantra for 12-18 months now. I’ve perused them both, practiced them for a bit, but stopped, realizing that it was not yet time for me to commit to them, but that there was no doubt I would revisit them in the near future.

That time is almost here. That was the first thing I thought of when I read this section. It is one of the main motivators of my NoFap movement.

I have suffered from a lot of unrequited love. I chalk most of it up to extreme naivete. Yet I am immensely grateful for those experiences, because now I have experience and am not so easily consumed and short-sighted when the strongest emotions threaten to overwhelm. I have Venus sextile Saturn and Uranus, so a lot of the descriptions here overlap, and I think that helps balance any severity that could otherwise come my way of a distant Venus/Pluto conjunction.

The person is insatiable in his desire for love and attention. There may be a profound insecurity: the person may be looking for a “soul mate” to fill the intense void he feels. The thought of rejection is his worst nightmare. The person is extraordinarily psychic, especially with his lover or spouse. He senses the other person’s feelings and desires at the slightest change in their behavior. He is magnetic and very attractive to the opposite sex. He has the most earthy and natural quality about him. The person uses his physical beauty, sexual skills, and knowledge of how to please others to get his way. In being preoccupied with Venusian qualities the person may be highly vain. He is willing to do almost anything for his partner, and may expect the same in return.

I have felt that intense void all of my post-pubescent life. I decided when I was 14, I believe, to never, ever settle, though. No matter how painful the interminable wait would be, I would not settle. And after my first girlfriend, Anne, I decided that, well, since I’ll be waiting a while, I’ll have a lot of time to improve myself, so that’s what I would focus on in the meantime.

It seems like I’m bordering on conceit, but more and more I am coming to believe in my psychic abilities. I am extraordinarily perceptive and sensitive in picking up differences in energy levels, body language, etc. It’s improving over time, particularly recently, as I believe more and more in it and become less afraid of the societal boundaries that chastise me for ever admitting such a thing.

Artistically, the person produces work which is deep, intense, moving and even potentially disturbing. His purpose is to incite the passions and make a difference. Because Venus rules females, there is a strong chance that the person’s mother is “Plutonian” — intense, controlling, psychic, manipulative, etc. The person has strong desires and must beware of the Scorpionic tendencies of possessiveness, jealousy, lust and revenge. He should also relinquish the inclination to dominate or overpower others. Although the person is exceptional at lovemaking, there is the distinct possibility of sexual problems. This may be caused by a fear of genuine intimacy which would, of course, open the person up to the possibility of tremendous pain. Indeed, the person may feel so vulnerable in love matters that he chooses only partners whom he knows are at his mercy. The combination of his pure eroticism and cool, controlled manner helps him to attract infatuated lovers nearly possessed with desire.

I think this is the most inaccurate passage. There’s some truth in there, but it feels more like broad-stroke brushes of truth that could apply to nearly anyone. That’s not a criticism of the interpretation; I’m just saying it doesn’t register with me like other parts do.

The person is attracted to intense, powerful, famous and spiritual partners. There is a desire to probe the mysteries of love, sex and all of life’s pleasures. The person especially enjoys breaking any sexual barriers society has erected. Bisexuality is possible. The person has complete sexual control, and extended periods of celibacy are likely. There may be love relationships where the mate dies or suddenly disappears. More than anything else, the person needs to learn to surrender. He must let go of his attachments, learn to trust the universe, and relinquish the fierce control he exerts in life.

True dat.