3.14 degrees:

The person is an excellent marriage partner. He is loyal, responsible and trustworthy. He is a product of good breeding, and is disciplined and patient. He is practical and has a fine sense of fairness and compromise. His love relationship is a priority, and he does everything he can to preserve the sweetness and success of the union. He is serious and sincere, and chooses his mate carefully. He does not experiment with many lovers. He may find his spouse early in life and never question his selection. Divorce is highly unlikely unless the seventh house or the rest of the birth chart indicates love problems. The person is known for his steady emotions and long-lasting marriage.

There is talent in at least one of the fine arts. The person is exacting, and has exceptional ability to give form and structure to his aesthetic visiions. His artwork is consistent, and improves with each passing year. He is concerned with the art, not his ego. Money and investments are favored. The person does not chase after get-rich-quick schemes. Rather, he amasses wealth slowly but surely, until, in the end, he is very well-off. He is modest and conservative, and has no problems with extravagance. He is self-controlled. He may do well with real estate or any construction-type enterprise.

The person has the strongest sense of duty and fairness. He has good friends. He is refined and devoted. He is instinctive and knowledgeable where friendships and love relationships are concerned. The person may be attracted to older, successful, authoritarian-type mates. Princess Diana has the Venus trine Saturn aspect within three and one half degrees. Traditional astrological texts report that the person may be overly inhibited, reserved or restrained.

The trine aspect is significantly more powerful than the sextile. The sextile indicates the opportunity to make the above characteristics a reality.

I like it. If I keep my head on straight this is what I have to look forward to.

So far my chart looks pretty sick. The troublesome aspects are coming, just you wait!