3.42 degrees:

The person’s desires and impulses are subject to immediate restriction and censorship. The person suffers from a continual “push-pull” energy, and his life lacks ease, spontaneity and grace. There may be a distinct lack of purpose and direction, causing frustration and a pervasive feeling of futility. The person gives up on his goals and ambitions because he is confused about how to properly assert himself and put his desires ahead of his peers and competitors. He is missing a dense of balance and appropriateness regarding aggressiveness, and fears that in order to genuinely pursue his aspirations he must be ruthless or merciless. Being uncomfortable with such options, he may simply choose to abandon his cravings and relinquish his passions. Or, even more commonly, he waits interminably for circumstances to conform to his desires, as if nature will magically fulfill his needs.

The person may start many projects which he never completes. He misses out on opportunities throughout life because of hesitation and failure to secure the moment. His judgement may be off and his timing poor. Some individuals with hard Mars-Saturn aspects are excessive about discipline. They are too austere, rigid, strict and harsh. There may be difficulties with authority figures and the father, serving to create bitterness and pessimism. The person is well-advised to work on self-expression, self-love and a sense of deserving. He must cultivate patience and determination, and remember that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. When the person learns to perform consistent action towards his important goals, then he will leave his frustrated existence behind.

There may be a big temper. Because the person feels irrationally blocked, he may occasionally throw tantrums or experience fits of rage. He may be irritable or often negative. There may be deep selfishness due to feelings of scarcity and inadequacy. Traditional astrological texts report the person vacillates too much. He may be very excited about an issue and later feel nothing at all. There may be difficulty in achieving a balanced sexual life. The person experiences extremes in this realm, periods of self-imposed abstinence and times of uncontrolled lust. Ted Turner has the Mars opposition Saturn aspect within four degrees.