5.35 degrees:

With the aspect only within 5.35 degrees, keep in mind this is subject to large error bars.

The person is overly independent, individualistic and unconstrained. He is a non-conformist, and resents any kind of society-imposed morals or standards. He does not take to authority figures or the powers that be. There is an abundance of physical energy, and the person may be nervous, irritable and high-strung. Many individuals with hard Mars-Uranus aspects are too easily excitable and, therefore, accident-prone. The person needs an outlet for his vivacious nature and frenetic energy, and should practice one of the martial arts. Or he should engage in any active sport of his choice on a regular basis.

Definitely overly independent. I am proud of that, which is indicative of conceit. Certainly a non-conformist, although, paradoxically, covertly traditional. The Mars aspects are true, but that could easily be due to the Sun and Mercury trine Mars.

The person is unpredictable. He is impatient, too hurried and often unreliable. He craves stimulation and excitement, and always wants to be busy. His life may be cluttered with many unfinished projects and incomplete affairs. There is a great need for patience, consistency and composure. The person is extremely courageous. He fears nothing, except perhaps the loss of his independence. He is dynamic, pioneering and decisive. He is a revolutionary who loves to challenge and change the order of things. Unfortunately, the person is also stubborn, unyielding and as resistant as they come. He may be disagreeable for his own eccentric means of enjoyment. He wants what he wants, when he wants it. Therein may lie his greatest arrogance. He needs to learn how to object with dignity rather than rebelliousness.

I’m loathe to admit it, but I can see how one could interpret me as unpredictable. (Phrased politically as to skirt admission!) I don’t like to be too available. I may have been unreliable in the past — depending on circumstances — but when it matters I am far from unreliable. Even when I was on drugs on a near-daily basis, staying up at all hours of the night, in who knows what location, I never missed a deadline in my three-plus years at ESPN.

“He needs to learn how to object with dignity rather than rebelliousness.” Word.

The person is experience-oriented. He is original and intuitive. He is sexually exciting and follows his own impulses and desires. He is not bound by society’s rules and mores. There may be emotional volatility, and the person may be direct, outspoken and abrupt. He takes risks without a thought, and loves the thrill of danger. He is highly competitive. There may be a big temper. The person needs to develop perseverance, tolerance and proper use of his indomitable will. He must tone down his extremist tendencies and learn to cooperate with others. Jacques Cousteau has the Mars opposition Uranus aspect within one degree.