2.03 degrees:

The person is a revolutionary thinker. She is eccentric, perceptive, and extraordinarily experimental. She loves to arouse, incite, and shock those around her. She always wants to try the new and fascinating. The person does not enjoy rules, regulations, traditions and convention. She is a thorn in the side of the powers that be. Most certainly, she will not be told what to do or think. The mind works too fast and the person is as mentally impatient as they come. She needs a great deal of stimulation and is easily bored. She may often speak without due forethought and thereby terribly offend others. However, her spontaneity is essential to her creativity and inventiveness. Friedrich Nietzsche had the Mercury opposition Uranus aspect within one degree.

The person is intuitive and lives by instinct. She is impulsive and unpredictable. She is too restless and may suffer from nervousness and irritability. Above all, she must take responsibility for her independent nature and stop defending herself — a tendency she may have developed during rebellious childhood years. There is a definite openness to metaphysics and the occult. The person is nothing if not adventurous and progressive-minded. However, she does not slow down long enough to hear exactly what others are saying. She may be touchy, high-strung, overly sensitive, and in extreme cases just plain paranoid. Trust is a much needed commodity.

There is, most likely, great intelligence or genius.But the person may be only too aware of the fact. She may fancy herself a gift to the world, and make a pest of herself to others. If she does not learn responsibility, discipline, maturity, and order, her talents and liberating concepts go entirely wasted and unused. The person identifies with her mind, and lives an essentially mental life. Her greatest concern is the advancement and promotion of truth and freedom. She loves to change the status quo. She is highly principled and will never compromise her ideals or buckle under pressure. She is proud, rebellious, willful and obstinate. She is temperamental and stubborn-minded.

The person is inspirational and exciting. She is honest and direct. However, she may also be outspoken, blunt and tactless. She learns things fast, but may be too quick in her judgments. She may not take advice from others well. She is of radical and extreme opinion but is rarely, if ever, bigoted or prejudiced. She enjoys taking the side of the underdog or downtrodden. She excels in inventions, astrology, or any mental endeavor that is ahead of the times. There may also be a talent in math or science. In certain cases, the person may be foolish or lacking in common sense. She may also be mischievous. She supports alternative methods and new-age procedures. Traditional astrological texts report that the person has a keen memory, but should be careful in signing documents.