2.24 degrees:

The person is emotionally expressive. She is aware of her feelings and lets them be precisely known. Mercury rules the intellect, while the Moon governs memory and common sense. Thus, the person is the most intellectual and self-expressive of all beings. She is the consummate and eternal thinker. Excited by concepts and theories, she lives for knowledge. The person is prolific. She has great creative aptitude, and the richest imagination. If other aspects of the birth chart point to a literary or education-oriented life, the person may be the most brilliant writer or scholar. Her mind is versatile, flexible and unrestricted. She may have a tireless capacity for detail work. She may be an inventor. The person is practical, street-smart, and has the best common sense. She is straightforward with everyone, and unabashedly blunt around wishful thinkers, sweet-talkers, and idealists.

Despite the person’s special mental abilities, there are some very distinct problems caused by the Moon-Mercury conjunction. Whenever two extremely personal influences come close together in the same sign, there is intrinsic “double” perception of all individual issues. While double is not necessarily bad, it is decidedly different from the rest of the world (whose intellectual and emotional faculties are allowed to separately analyze life). The person is self-centered and overly subjective. Because her opinions are the combined result of feeling and mind, she is intense about her judgments. She may be stubborn in her ideas and be truly suffer when others do not see things her way. The person may be restless, nervous, excitable, and of a wandering mind, especially if there are planetary afflictions to the conjunction. The person needs to cultivate patience and tolerance for others. She must learn that just because her perceptions are stronger, more personal, and occasionally more accurate than everyone else’s, they carry no inherent privilege of acceptance or respect. Otherwise the person may become angry or bitter.

The person may choose a career in counseling, psychology, or any communicative art. She loves languages and learns them with ease. She is intrigued by puzzles and the deciphering of symbols. She may be a great translator, interpreter, teacher or writer. The person is talkative, witty and humorous. She is keen and insightful. She is adept in dealing with the subconscious mind and is powerfully drawn to hypnotism or any mental technique delving below the mind’s surface. The person appreciates music, poetry and the arts. She loves libraries, museums and intellectual institutions. The person is a capable merchiant, and is aided by her earthy common sense. Because of her expressiveness, the person may be an excellent salesperson. She may be concerned with diet, medicine and other healing methods, since Mercury is the ruler of Virgo.

The person may be constantly busy. She craves change, excitement and a variety of experiences. She is sensitive, articulate, and emotionally and physically demonstrative. She learns kinesthetically. The person’s mother may have an intellectual nature. Lyndon Johnson, our ceaselessly detail-oriented president and school teacher, had the Moon-Mercury combination conjunction within two degrees. So did Muhammad Ali, the most verbal and poetic boxer of the times.