1.09 degrees:

The sextile indicates the opportunity to make the following characteristics a realit:

The person has the greatest ability to improve herself, raise her consciousness, and transform any psychological complex she possesses. There is remarkable willpower, and an interest in all metaphysical or spiritual development techniques. The person immerses herself one hundred percent in any endeavor she takes. Her concentration is impeccable and she sees activities through to their successful end. There will be many major changes in life which the person accepts, indeed embraces, as part of her maturing process. Nobody enjoys growth, or gains more actual evolution in life, than she.

The person is powerful, confident and believes in his personal calling. She is extremely resourceful, and knows how to use her energy wisely and well. There is leadership, organizational talent, and flair to inspire others. The person is individualistic, innovative, pioneering and unafraid. She is determined, firm, and almost certain to succeed. She is intuitive, psychic, and interested in meditation. She is open to all kinds of different religions and philosophies, and is seldom dogmatic or narrow. The person excels in occult sciences or any research field. She is a natural humanitarian and is always concerned with universal welfare.  There is good healing ability, and talent in counseling or any form of psychotherapy.

The person benefits from men in general, and government or authority figures. A woman with this aspect gets a spiritual, philosophical, or religious husband. The husband ay be powerful, famous, charismatic or extraordinary. The Sun-Pluto harmonious aspects indicate strong procreative and regenerative tendencies.  The person is sexual, virile and energetic. She is a hard worker and may even be “driven.” She is wonderfully responsible, and brings her concentrated intensity to every situation she encounters. She is noticeably flexible, versatile and adaptable. She lives in the present, lets go of the past, and never looks back. She is a survivor. The person influences others naturally, by virtue of her remarkable integrity and spiritual wholeness. She is magnetic, dynamic and appealing. There is no obstacle too extreme and no hurdle too high for the person to overcome if the spirit moves him. Diana Ross had an exact Sun-Pluto trine.