2.06 degrees:

The person lives from her heart. She is gentle, sensitive and feeling. She is always aware of her relationship to God and is a natural mystic. The consciousness is open and receptive, and the person’s inner vision is acute. She may have special abilities with any or all of the five senses. The person is drawn to the arts and excels in music, drama, film, photography, etc. She also enjoys the ocean and other bodies of water. There is a humanitarian nature or at least great concern for the feelings of others. The person is kind and compassionate. Because of such fine characteristics she is well-loved by all.

Benefits come especially from men, government, and a father who is loving, tender and caring. T he person is refined and cultured, and has g ood taste. She is creative and has an excellent imagination. She is not overly bound by rules, regulations and traditions. There may be a need for discipline, urgency, and structure if the rest of the birth chart does not indicate significant struggle, desire or friction. In such cases, the person must beware of a pervasive sense of laziness and complacency. The person is inspired, optimistic and enthusiastic. She is poetic and has great feminine energy. There are high expectations and yet the person is patient and tolerant. Indeed, she has tremendous faith in the divine order of nature. There is a dreamlike quality about the person as well as a subtle sensuality. The person is vulnerable and should avoid crude people and discordant surroundings.

Because awareness of God is so keen and ingrained, the person finds their spiritual path early on in life. Furthermore, she never (or at least very rarely) wavers in this realm. There is talent in astrology, tarot, secretive affairs, and any occult subject. There is plenty of intuition and psychic ability. The person knows she is here to work on her enlightenment, and she does this by emotionally merging with Universal consciousness.