0.43 degrees:

The person is romantically healthy. She is confident in courtship and relates well to the opposite sex. She knows how to flirt and always gains the object of his heart’s desire. The person is excited, enthusiastic, and thrilled with life. She is expressive and creative. There may be talent in art, music or drama. The person is vibrant, lively and spirited. There is abundant sexual energy and the person is passionate. She pleases her mate in bed and is an art romantic.

The person is optimistic about fulfilling her pleasure desires, and therefore succeeds in this realm more often than not. She knows intuitively when to pursue and when to retreat. She immerses herself fully in her endeavors. The person is warm, sociable and affectionate. She compromises when necessary and gets along well with others. She is attractive and magnetic. Money and comforts are favored and the person has many friends. There is considerable personality and presence. The person is well-love and not easily forgotten. She is fun-loving, graceful and harmonious. She has good taste.

There is a strong, yet controlled, sex drive and the person loves deeply. Relationships begin early and the person should beware of marrying prematurely. Willie Mays has an exact Venus trine Mars aspect.