0.22 degrees:

The person is the consummate love mate. She lives for romance, warmth and human bonding. She understands, better than anyone, how to make relationships work. She spends much time and energy conceiving, visualizing and finally manifesting idyllic love. She is generous, selfless and giving. She wants to serve and please her partner.

Venus trine Neptune, more than any other astrological aspect, indicates the likelihood of a predestined meeting of the person’s soul mate on the Earth plane. The person has been responsible and profoundly devoted in past-life love unions and is now honest, loyal, pure and benevolent. The spouse is also romantic, cultured and spiritual. Money, comforts and luxuries may intermittently appear throughout life as if by divine grace.

The person is refined, gentle and soft. She is creative and expressive, and excels in all art forms. Music, poetry, drama and painting or drawing are all favored.The person has a wonderful imagination and highly developed fantasy life. She is emotionally sensitive and among the most tender-hearted of the human race. She is kind, sympathetic and compassionate. The person is extremely flexible, adaptable and open-minded in her dealings with others. She compromises with her loved ones and seeks solutions which meet everyone’s needs.

The person needs to be treated well and kindly. She should insulate himself from crude or offensive individuals, and create a protected environment. She is sensitive to negativity, opposition and disapproval. The person is, by nature, the most innocent, open and receptive being. Because of her vulnerable nature and sense of destiny in love matters, there is a strong craving for security and assurance from others. Her greatest desire in life is to experience true love, which she will certainly do unless the rest of the birth chart is severely afflicted in such matters. Until the perfect spouse is found, life is like a subtle form of torture.

The person is dreamy and inspired. She is idealistic and wants to be surrounded by beauty, splendor and grace. There is very great spiritual energy, which manifests most clearly and profoundly in the person’s primary love relationship. The person is affectionate and sensuous. She is a luscious lover. There is a danger of laziness, passivity and excessive submissiveness. The person has excellent taste. She is aesthetically-oriented and may occasionally be extravagant or wasteful. He never criticizes or condemns others.

According to Eastern gurus, marriage partners must be compatible on four levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. The person with the harmonious Venus-Neptune aspect never fails to succeed in spiritual harmony with her mate.