1.05 degrees:

The person is psychically animated. She lives an ethereal, rather than physical, existence. She is blatantly clairvoyant and telepathic, though in many cases the person is unaware of any special talent since her abilities are so naturally ingrained. The person is idealistic, romantic and undiscriminating. She is impractical, unrealistic and has a difficult time in the world of humankind, due to her dreamy nature and altered perception of reality. The person is psychologically confused and restless in her soul. Her longing for fulfillment is insatiable, and she is forever chasing happiness in the outer world (where, of course, it remains elusive). Her imagination is too active and she is open to realms of existence closed to the average mortal.

The person is motivated by subconscious forces. She is powerfully afflicted by moods, feelings and psychic impressions. She lives life by instinct and emotions. She is far too impulsive. The person needs to develop caution, discipline and responsibility.

She is gullible, and easily deceived and exploited. Most importantly, she often feels like a helpless victim and lives her life as such. This is because Mars is badly dissipated by the dissolving influence of Neptune. The person has little will to confront others and take aggressive action. Because Neptune’s weakening of Mars wreaks havoc with the ego, there is a profound fear of failure. However, the complex is quite subconscious and is revealed only in the person’s inordinate ability to acknowledge any of her weaknesses or shortcomings.

The Mars-Neptune conjunction makes the person one of the best professional psychics, mediums or channelers. She excels in art, music, photography, painting, magic, etc. She is tremendously magnetic and automatically enthralls and fascinates ot hers. She is a vibrant mass of inspiration, seeking purpose and intention. Regarding sacred or mystical affairs she is the most responsive and “in tune” of all beings. Should she choose a life of mysticism or religious activity, she will find a most comfortable setting for her personality and temperament.

The person considers sex mysterious, magical and spiritual. She feels a direct correlation between eroticism and the divine. However, she may be disllusioned by the sex act itself, because she cannot relate to the physicality and earthiness of the experience. Some with the Mars-Neptune conjunction face bouts of impotence, while others occasionally attract partners who are impotent or become so during the relationship. The person is easily seduced and enjoys alluring others in the same enticing way. There may be serious sexual confusion and a world of sexual fantasies or role-playing.

There is likely to be an interminable confusion concerning desires and ambitions. Though it is not at all obvious, the person lacks faith in herself in a deep-seated way. She must cultivate a sense of confidence and self-worth, and realize that she deserves t o accomplish her goals as much as anyone. Otherwise, she will experience major disappointment and frustration regarding her life purpose. On the positive side, because the person finds it so hard to place her desires above those of others and actively pursue her ambitions, she learns (in time) how to make things happen almost magically. She does this by telepathically communicating her needs and urges.

The person needs to get plenty of rest, eat well, and guard against poisons or other substances that could harm the bloodstream. She should avoid drugs and alcohol. Health may be delicate. The person must not overwork or enter stressful situations, since she is prone to diffuse energy even in the best of circumstances. Choice of friends and associates is of utmost importance since the person is, by nature, naive, idealistic and vulnerable. Regarding love matters, advice from parents, friends and other objective sources is definitely to be heeded. Excessive emotionalism is a problem.

The person should ponder whether her ideas are real or rosy, for she is prone to delusions of grandeur. The more powerful and positive the birthchart is, as a whole, the more serious the problem. This is because the person is very intuitive. Acutely sensing her potential destiny, the person feels a hair’s breadth away from the goal. However, goals are rarely accomplished without action; for the Mars-Neptune person, the greater the potential, the greater the fear of failure and the less likelihood of action. The person may also have difficulty when expressing anger or dealing with enemies, competitors, and others who get in her way. Odd though it would seem, some people who have the Mars-Neptune conjunct do very well in sports. In such cases, their idealism is connected to Mars-type activities. More than anything, however, the person has trouble making her dreams and visions a reality (unless, of course, her desires are spiritually and mystically directed). Astrologer Dane Rudhyar had the Mars-Neptune conjunct within one and one half degrees. Former politician John Dean has the aspect within two degrees.

This is spot-on.