3.46 degrees:

The trine aspect is significantly more powerful than the sextile. The sextile indicates the opportunity to make the following characteristics a reality.

The person has great potential combined with the most potent energy. She can accomplish anything she desires, no matter how hard the work or difficult the struggle. Her willpower is excellent and her actions are consistent and disciplined. She is successful. The person is resourceful, balanced and healthy. She accepts responsibility for her desires and ego needs. There is a strong confidence and leadership ability. No amount of work or struggle is too much if the person has a goal she wants to achieve. Albert Einstein and astrologer Robert Hand both have (or had) very close Mars trine Pluto aspects.

The person is virile and sexual. Her procreative powers are strong. She is competitive in a good way. There is plenty of courage and the person enjoys a challenge. She is fearless, and does not allow problems to obstruct her success. The person is proud and noble. She excels in sports. She uses his instinct and intuition to gain the upper hand and win. There is strong blood and a powerful constitution. She is persistent and does not tire easily. She is creative in business, and is ambitious, dynamic and decisive. There may be talent in metaphysics and the occult.