2.48 degrees:

The person wants to help. She is generous and her greatest pleasure is to serve and assist others. She is sensitive, perceptive and has a wonderful heart. Her motives are pure, and she is simple and selfless in wanting fulfillment for all. There is abundant talent in the arts. The person esecially excels in music, drama, film or photography. She is idealistic and inspired. When her imagination stirs him, she acts quickly and moves decisively towards the goal. Unlike most people, she is never afraid to pursue her most lofty dreams and visions. She is of excellent integrity and can certainly be trusted to keep her word. She is sympathetic, supportive and always compassionate. John Denver has the Mars trine Neptune aspect within one degree.

The person is refined. She is honorable, humane and pious in deed. She may be a very special healer. She is creative, and her greatest power comes from the spiritual world. She is good at planning schemes and organizing strategies. The person is sensuous. Her emotions are strong and deep. She is flexible, adaptable and rarely dominated by her ego. She succeeds in any service-oriented profession, and may enjoy occult or psychic work. The person is supremely blessed in being spared the need to prove herself through aggressiveness, competition, pride and egotism.