1.03 degrees:

The person is at the mercy of uncontrollable passions. She has to endure a turbulent or volatile love life. In past lives she may have been insensitive, manipulative or domineering with her spouse, and now she pays the price. There is a likelihood of one or more fated marriages where the person experiences enormous pain through her partner. The person is compulsive and insatiable in her need for emotional nourishment. She lacks balance and moderation. She may be excessive about pleasure, and excessive in sexual behavior. She is erotic and libidinous, and her desires are extreme. There may be a jealous or possessive nature, and the person fears rejection in a major way. She may feel unworthy and unlovable, and therefore attract partners who are emotionally unavailable or incapable of tenderness and intimacy. The partner may be domineering, manipulative, intense and just plain inappropriate. That person may also lack compassion and common decency.

The person is magnetic and charismatic. She is highly sensitive and psychic. She wants to examine all aspects of sexuality and learn everything she can about courting and mating. She enjoys breaking society’s rules and is not bound by typical cultural standards. Bisexuality is possible. The person is an excellent lover and knows exactly how to please her mate in bed. Because of her inordinate vulnerability, she willfully tries to control her love partner as well as the relationship itself. Such attempts are futile, and there are likely to be incessant power struggles. The person may be used and exploited by her spouse. The person is creative and talented, and may create powerful and profound works of art.

The person must resist the temptation to lie and engage in devious or ruthless behavior to get her way. She must cultivate strict honesty. Misuse of power will bring definite retribution and suffering. The person’s bonds are intense. She loves as deeply as is humanly possible. There are instant erotic attractions throughout life, and the person emanates potent sexual vibrations at all times. Her lovers may be famous or special. They may also die or disappear from the person’s life without a note. The person may use sex as a manipulation device to get her way. In extreme cases, of course, prostitution is possible. Traditional texts report that the person may be intense, imbalanced and greedy about money. She may struggle with lust her entire life. Larry Flynt, publisher of a pornographic magazine, has the Venus-Pluto aspect square within two degrees. Renaissance artist Rafael had the opposition aspect within three degrees.