1.03 degrees:

The person is overly concerned with the meaning of existence. She lives by a philosophy of duty, obligation, and responsibility. She may be so preoccupied with performing “right and significant action” that she forgets that personal enjoyment and happiness is one of the main purposes of creation. The person dreams of great achievements and grandiose accomplishments for the betterment of humankind. However, because she vacillates so dramatically between optimism and pessimism, she may lack the necessary consistency to fulfill her ambitions. There may be serious disappointment, disillusionment, and even bitterness on this account. The person wavers continually between expansion and contraction. Therefore, she is hard pressed to make wise and appropriate decisions. Her life is a virtual struggle to learn balanced judgment. Not only does she neglect intuition, but her timing may be consistently, even humorously, off the mark.

The lifetime is not an easy one. The person must work extraordinarily hard to realize her goals. She is not favored by luck or opportunities. Furthermore, like the biblical character Job, the person is certain to be tested throughout her lifetime. She constantly meets with delays, and her patience is taxed to the limits. She continually finds herself in situations requiring long periods of waiting. In severe cases the person is depressed, gloomy, and frustrated. It is no coincidence that hard Jupiter-Saturn aspects are one of the most common features in the charts of suicide victims.

The person is an excellent worker for others. She is dutiful, disciplined, and efficient. She excels in any managerial or organizational capacity. She is conscientious and always aware of right and wrong. She has plenty of endurance, strength and fortitude. She is good in the art of self-improvement.  The person is sincere and genuine. However, she lacks spontaneity, imagination and originality. She is overly solemn, and may not believe she deserves abundant pleasure, fun and recreation. She is too philosophical for her own good. There may be allergies or other liver problems. The person is well-advised to avoid speculation and gambling. In the ancient system of Hindu astrology, Jupiter is known as the chief significator of children. Individuals with the Jupiter-Saturn opposition are likely to have difficulties with their offspring. There may be abortions, problems giving birth, or other such dilemmas.

The person is traditional, orthodox and conservative. She thinks much about the past and the future. She is too sober and down-to-Earth to deliberately pursue her dreams and visions. However, if the rest of the birthchart indicates a strong sense of idealism, then even the hard Jupiter-Saturn aspects will confer to the ability to bring reality, form, and structure to the person’s most fanciful aspirations. In such cases the person can make massive contributions to society, and even break the boundaries of her chosen field. The person is project-oriented. There are periods of intense expansion and growth, as well as profoundly boring, monotonous phases.

Religious difficulties are likely. The person may have the strongest faith in God during childhood, only to experience disillusionment as she matures. There may be problems with gurus or religious teachers. The person’s devotional life, even more than the rest of her existence, is characterized by intervals of fervent idealism and hopeless discouragement. Because of her dual and fluctuating nature she does not know when to trust and when to be suspicious. She simply lacks the wherewithal to judge. She chases equanimity and reasoning power her whole life. The person is spiritually eclectic. She is discriminating, and therefore rather unlikely to stay with one particular guru or religious system.In certain cases there may be serious problems with college institutions or in obtaining higher knowledge. Also, some people with this aspect experience isolated instances of particularly bad luck. It is as if they are singled out by God or nature for some odd, perhaps karmic, reason. Sidney Poitier and Sigmund Freud have (or had) the Jupiter-Saturn square within one and two degrees, respectively.