3.58 degrees:

The person is honorable and of the best morals. Because she learned fine values as a child she is blessed with a certain serenity and contentment for the rest of her life. Her faith in God is unshakable and she is a positive influence wherever she goes. The person is enthusiastic, healthy and enterprising. She understands human nature and is a fine organizer and coordinator. She makes a good leader and is never resented for her use of power. She enjoys managing large projects that make a big impact.

The person loves life and is extremely balanced in her optimism. She is patient, persevering and purposeful. She has intense willpower and very good recuperative energy. She loves meditation, yoga and the occult. Her spiritual development occurs swiftly and with great ease. She is receptive to new ideas and gets more evolutionary growth than anyone. She craves new knowledge, and makes use of philosophical insights from myriad sources. She always seeks greater, more profound truth. She gets along well with gurus, religious teachers and college professors.

The person uses her intuition wisely. She is mature, instinctive and lucky. There is good vitality, and the person is strong and hearty. Luck is favored, as are legacies and inheritances. The person is focused, centered and secure. She knows how to concentrate her energy in a way that is effective and successful. Because she bases her life on deep philosophical understandings, she is disciplined and of especially fine character. She knows the value and significance of human life better than anyone. There is a charm about the person, and certain individuals with this aspect may be quite pious and religious. Astrologer/author Grant Lewi had the Jupiter trine Pluto aspect within one degree.