April 1, Monday:

Mentoring. Polina’s entire class in the AM. Lindsey’s class in the PM.

Polina didn’t show up. Juliette was assigned the class (free monies for her, I s’pose) and I mentored all of it.

Overall people came up to me after, saying I did well. So there’s that.

It was immensely challenging, though, because there were advanced practitioners and total newbies.

Juliette write down a lot of notes. I went too fast, predominantly. I did not show the poses to the newbies.

It’s frustrating for me because on the schedule it says the class is Level 1-2. I don’t think newbies should be taking a semi-advanced class.

It’s challenging for me to connect to new practitioners.

My Savasana, if I  can say so myself, was excellent. I still have 27 mentor hours to go, so I have mucho time to perfect my craft.

I got compliments from students, though, which is not something that happens everyday.

I know what to do. I must study more of the Primary series poses (my cuing through Standing Sequence is excellent; after that it slowly tails off). I must memorize the names of every pose. Next time I’ll say something like, “Okay, we’re going to do three chunks of the Standing Sequence where our legs are spread out.” And then break down Trikonasana, etc.; Parsvakonasana, etc.; and Prasarita Padottonasana,etc. And introduce the new students that yoga is a moving meditation, not just asana practice; every movement is aligned with an inhale or exhale.

I feel Juliette was incorrect when she said I should only be teaching Beginner’s. I’ve mentored straight Beginner’s classes many times and been fine. I can be sensitive to criticism; I didn’t feel she balanced her criticism with the things I did well (she just said a generic “Good job! But …” if I recall correctly).

I didn’t mentor Lindsey’s class. They changed her schedule last minute and blah. I was gonna take Janus’ class in the evening but she’s no longer teaching evenings.

April 2, Tuesday:

Practice in Janus’ class this morning.

Rad! Janus’ class is the only class where I get the same kind of blend of intensity and space as I do with my personal practice.

I was in the Sun, sweating like a champ. Just a great, all-around strong practice. Focus on bandhas improving. Monstrous ujjayi (victorious) breath throughout.

Next Monday I’ll begin mentoring for her class.

This evening: Heated Flow w/ Lindsey (no mentorship; just notes and practice) & beginning yoga (mentorship, probably seated/finishing series + Savasana).

Okay, I just info dumped a lot of the yoga notes I’ve jotted since late Feb, but the blog didn’t save them. Guess it wasn’t meant to be. -shrugs-

April 3, Wednesday:

Woke up a little sore. I worked hard through Heated Flow.

This morning = practice with Janus. And the first day of a two-day fast. In the afternoon/evening I’ll be working hard on all aspects of my script.

Practice was intense! This settles it: Janus is my favorite teacher to practice under. This morning she led a Mysore class up until ~Marichyasana D. For the uninitiated, that means you practice to the tempo of your own breath, with little formal instruction, going through the poses on your own. It was just like my own personal practice!

Except I was in the hot sun. The Rancho studio is on the second floor, windows facing the Sun, rising high at 9 am. About half the room is drenched in the Sun’s light, and I almost always choose to practice there. The hotter the better!

I sweated much more today than yesterday. My wife beater was drenched with sweat, every single inch. Mat drenched. Shorts drenched. Incredible!

By the time Navasana rolled around, I was fatigued like woah. Still 30 minutes left in the class! Are you kidding me?

I felt my limitations today. Part of me felt like I was plateauing; progress has been slowing. But a bigger part of me — yet, at the same time, a quieter part — did not care. It knows that hard work, day after day, with something I love, is the ultimate blessing. Nothing else matters. I give up the worries, as well as the fruits of my practice, to God. The good and the bad is all His.

Time to rehaul my yoga script. I can lead people in and out of the poses with the inhales and exhales no problem. Time to make it simpler by sorting out the cues I want to emphasize and the modifications to be aware of.

April 4, Thursday:

Off for the physical practice. Worked on my script.

April 5, Friday:

Morning practice with Janus. This week with Janus has been amazing! Every day I pushed myself to the limit. Bandhas fully engaged this morning; sweat pouring despite the sun hidden by the clouds.

Saw tremendous improvement over Wednesday. Tremendous! Technique is everything!

This afternoon: work on the script.

This evening:


Note dump from the two workshops I partook with Kino MacGregor:

Samskara: “Habit pattern of the mind.”

Memorize all  books of the Yoga Sutras.

Devotional practice.

Yoga teacher-student bond is karmic.

“Lead me from maya into truth.”

“Peaceful teacher-student relations.”

“Take me from dying/temporal into immortal/soul.”

The above: English translation of the chant we chorused.

Krishnamacharya –> B.K.S. Iyengar –> Pattabhi Jois –> Indra Devi –> A.G. Mohan = the lineage of yoga.

“Only root vegetables for six months.” The austere practice Indra Devi had to go through in order to be accepted as a student.

Protract = push forward.

Spine flexed, ribs in during all arm balances.

Evidence of pain leaving the body / muscles shaking = negative behavioral patterns leaving the body (samskara).

In Encitas, about 90 minutes from where I’m located, Pattabhi Jois’ lineage lives on…

A bit too expensive/inconvenient for now, but soon.

April 6, Saturday:

The entire Primary Series (Setu Bandhasana excluded) with Polina.

Not sore, but the body was slightly fatigued and stiff after last evening’s Heated Flow with Genesis.

Polina’s instruction was very good. Sanskrit counting, leaving us in our poses for more time than usual (although still not as long as Janus) and not inundating our space with her assertiveness.

She told me she’s about ready to hire me. After class, she said my practice is too intense. She was much kinder/tactful about it than the first time she told me this, about five weeks ago. This time I could more clearly see what she was trying to convey.

So now my focus will be on practicing in such a way where I use only the muscles I need to use and relax the others. Effort through effortlessness.

April 7, Sunday:

Teacher training.

Mentored standing sequence. Energy was dead. Learned a lot. And so on.

I’m tired.