April 8, Monday:

Mentored with Janus.

Taught the whole class by myself!

I did well! After the class everyone gave me a round of applause. Janus said it was the best class she’s had in a while.


I start teaching fo reelz May 1st.

The downside:



This evening: Ashtanga & Beginning mentoring with Lindsey.

April 9, Tuesday:

Went to Chadd’s Ashtanga instead of Janus’.

Was feeling lazy. Easier commute.

You get what you put out. I got a lazier, easier practice. Which is not what I wanted.

So it goes.

Last evening?

Mentored Ashtanga w/ Lindsey (entire class) and Beginning (Primary, Finishing & Guided Meditation).

I am really comfortable with anything Ashtanga. I still make the odd mistake, like skipping the left side, but overall I am doing a whole lot better with regards to pacing, incorporating modifications, and walking around the room correcting misalignment.

And in the middle of the class, I even worked on my voice! Bringing more energy! More rah-rah!

Beginning Yoga wasn’t as smooth. I borrowed Lindsey’s flow. Lindsey’s flow sequences are phenomenal! I have a lot to learn there.

Overall, being as objective as I can be, I am already a competent teacher. I could lead classes right now no problem and be moderately successful.

Yet I am excited that I have three weeks to keep perfecting my craft. There are still so many little things I want to work on, and things that only experience can teach!

This evening: I want to mentor Polina’s entire class.

April 10, Wednesday:

Didn’t mentor last night. Thought Polina’s class was at 5:15, but it’s at 6:15 or something. Too late. I went to sleep at 8 and got 10 hours.

This morning: practice and mentoring with Janus. Practiced Sun Salutations and Standing, then mentored Primary from Dandasana to Marichyasana D (keep forgetting the Marichi’s! Okay, A & B = right arm through and wrap; C & D left arm to right knee and wrap). Then practiced Navasana to Finishing.

After the class Janus led about four of us who stuck around for an introduction through Intermediate Series. We were already warm, so no Surya Namaskaras or Standing; just straight to the poses. Took about 50 minutes in all.

They’re not so scary. They are challenging, but in a good way. I have no plans whatsoever to begin practicing anytime soon (within the next, say, 6 months), but it’s nice to get an introduction. Intermediate Series is largely composed of backbends.

Then I did the Finishing Sequence and peaced out.

This evening: mentoring Lindsey’s two classes. After tonight: only 19 mentor hours to go!

Next week I’ll concentrate on Beginning Yoga and begin to learn Heated Flow.

April 11, Thursday:


April 12, Friday:

Morning practice w/ Janus. We did every pose of the Primary Series except Ubhaya Padangustasana and Urdhva Mukha Padangustasana.

I’ve memorized every pose of the Primary Series! I know every Sanskrit name, I know what part of the Series it’s in, the poses immediately before and after it, can recite the whole thing forwards or backwards, etc. Feels good!

Today: script work.

No mentoring today. Only 19 more hours to go!

April 13, Saturday:

Taught Polina’s 2-hour class. 17 more hours!

I made a few mistakes: skipped Ardha Baddha, messed up Upavisha Konasana A, and a few other minor details.

Polina had the class write me feedback (she gave them the class free). Mostly positive feedback.

Polina was rougher. The primary takeaway was that she feels my mentoring with Janus is/will take me in a different direction than she’d like. My counting became more monotone and less energetic. Less personality in my teaching. She also stressed confidence, confidence, confidence, never informing the class of any mistakes or other inadequacies.

All things I have no problem fixing. I make a concerted effort not to reprise past mistakes.

She said I am very, very close to teaching on my own.

Downside? No personal practice today. I did ride my  bike to and fro, so there’s that.

Time to work on the script some more.

April 14, Sunday:

Practice with Polina.

Brief teacher training.

They like me, they really like me!

Hard work paying off.