The Spiritual Mind

The Superconscious Mind or Higher Self

1. Can be contacted through:
a. Meditation
b. Dreams
c. Journaling
d. Intuition

2. Can help us only if we ask for assistance. Does not interfere with our free choice on a conscious level.

The Reasoning Mind

The Conscious Mind or Middle Self

1. Executive Director
2. President of the personality
3. Captain of the ship
4. Computer programmer
5. Gardener
6. Decision-maker

a. Will-power, discipline, discernment, discrimination, concentration, reasoning

The Non-Reasoning Mind

The Subconscious Mind or Lower Self

1. Works on impressions, stimulus/response.
2. Is a memory bank and file of thoughts, feelings, memories, imagination, habit patterns, impulses, desires, instincts.
3. Operates physical body.
4. Creates most dreams.
5. Creates vital force
6. Works twenty-four hours a day.
7. Functions according to the law of attraction.
8. Examines, classifies, stores information
9. In metaphorical terms is the computer, garden, engine room.
10. Plays a key role in the prayer process.
11. Controls the inner senses (visualization).
12. Radiates senses
13. Creates threads of energy that contact both objects and other people.

a. Can leave body and follow those threads (as in the use of pendulums, psychometry, psychokinesis).

b. Can send vital force and thought forms along these threads (telepathy and prayer).