Week One:

Namaskara A & B —> Parivritta Parsvakonasana

Started this Monday. (Did Namaskara A & B, 5x, the week prior.) Feet hurt the first day. Adjusted quickly and now feel pretty good. Pause for 4 total breaths as I wipe the sweat off in between the repetitions of Namaskara B.

Been doing all this in the morning. Average temperature in the house anywhere from 78-80 degrees. Obviously it gets a bit hotter in the room, as it’s a small room and the particles are ferociously bouncing off each other.

You’re also more limber in the evening than the morning. I’ll transfer to the morning eventually. Dunno when.

New Moon: June 8 (Saturday). Week  Two I will add in Prasarita A-D and Parvottanasana.

Taking this slow. Probably two months to get up to where I’d like to be: Primary Series through Navasana, as well as Finishing.

Week 2:

(6.9:) Threw in Prasaritas. Tomorrow I’ll add Parvottanasana as well. Very tough on my feet.

(6.12): Almost didn’t practice today. But I can always do Sun Salutations, right? So I did. Felt very good after.

To make up for it tomorrow I’m going to add in balancing poses a little earlier than I planned. My cardio is already coming back (been playing basketball too) and I feel pretty strong and healthful. I know I can handle it.

(6.13): Yup, did it. Challenging. But doable. Keep it up!

(6.14): Same.

Week 3:

6.17, Monday: Still practicing through the balancing poses. Haven’t skipped on anything since the 12th. It’s been challenging; the prior two days I was thinking about skipping; today I wasn’t sure I would make it through balancing. But I must keep thinking positive and believe in myself. My practice is the only thing that matters right now. You’re not doing anything else, Adam. You can practice. Force yourself if you have to. No johns.

6.20, Thursday:

Just Sun Salutations today. Was a bit off my schedule (5 PM today; been practicing earlier than noon for the most part recently). Also just not feeling it. Still could’ve done it, though. I was feeling it more today than I was the past 3-4 days, when I certainly wasn’t feeling it.

That said I am proud of myself. Tomorrow I’m going to do all of Standing Sequence. I’m feeling more powerful. Stronger. Full of energy and life. Wednesday was the first day I really felt like that during practice. I thought about resting on my laurels for a bit, but I’m not built that way.

Week 4:

6.26, Wednesday:

All of standing sequence done for 4-5 days. Today I’m going to throw in some Primary Series poses. Then after that do all of Finishing. Maybe do all of Standing + Finishing + part of Primary by the beginning of July.

Have a lot of momentum. Thoughts of skipping are never taken seriously. Physically I’m feeling great. Mentally I’m feeling great. Slept at 9pm and woke up at 6am. Great sleep. Vivid dreams. All felt very natural. All going according to plan.


I almost slanked it. First of all, I knew it was going to be a hot one, yet I still waited til noon to begin. (To be fair, I opted to attend an important piece of business, requiring me to travel ~90 minutes round trip and wait another 45 bureaucratic minutes.)

Just wasn’t feeling it. In the middle of my Sun Salutations when I decided to cut it after those. “Hey, at least I did these.” But then I was like: “You’re in better shape than you were before. So go a little further than that old standard that no longer applies.”

Padangustasana. Padahastasana. And you know what, I like the first six (well, five) poses in Standing.

Then come the Prasaritas.

Well, I’m already here. Let’s just give it a shot.

So I did. And after I do those, I’m doing everything.

I planned on doing Dandasana –> Purvottanasana (the first five poses in Primary), but I was mentally beat. Physically, while I wasn’t fresh as a daisy, it was certainly possible. But it’s the mental challenge.

If it took all my resolve to complete through Standing, it’s best to not bite off more than I can chew. What is the rush? Ego?

Lesson learned. Let’s do this by 9am from now on.

6.27, Thursday:

100 degrees today, tomorrow and through the weekend. Even at 9am it was hot.

Did it though.

6.28, Friday:

Another 100-degree day. Did it at 8am. Weeee! Threw in the 14 poses of Finishing Sequence, too. Very happy with myself. Very focused. Not letting up. The month’s almost over!

6.30, Sunday:

Done, done and done. Focus, focus, focus.