29 January 1930

As a matter of fact, if man were liberated from the compulsion of sexuality, he would not be fastened to the Earth, he would be always free, like a bird on the wing. He never would be limited to any definite fate, because he would escape any obligation.

Sex is the power that binds everyone, and therefore it is the most important and the most dreaded thing. The neurotic tries to escape it because he wants to escape a fate which doesn’t agree with his childish wishes or his egotism.

In his sexuality this man is not right. There is something which upsets him, and in fact he is lacking in his relation with his wife. There you would all agree with him in assuming that such a thing should not be, but be careful in drawing such conclusions. How can one judge? Human life and human fate are so paradoxical that one hardly can make a binding law. The average truth is that if a certain woman marries a certain man there is a sex relation between them, but there might be something stronger than the power of sexuality bringing them together for entirely different ends.

We must allow for such things, because they really happen, and when one treats those cases one learns an extraordinary tolerance for the manifold ways of fate. People who have to live a certain fate get neurotic if you hinder them from living it, even if it is appalling nonsense in relation to statistical truth.

It is truth that sometimes the water runs uphill. It may be wrong from the rational point of view, yet such a thing will happen and we must submit. We see that these things have a certain purpose, for we really have no standpoint from which we could hinder them.  They contribute to the fullness of life, and life must be lived. One must not try to teach a tiger to eat apples.