26 March 1930

Mrs. Henley: In the case of unconscious interpenetration, do people take on new relationships if there is a divorce?

Dr. Jung: It may cause extraordinary situations, great disturbances. If such a participation mystique is destroyed, it leaves an open wound, and most probably the same thing will happen again.

Mrs. Henley: Unfailingly?

Dr. Jung: Almost, because you are there. Whatever condition you create, you will create again. You do not change if you are a being without equilibrium; it doesn’t matter where you are. In the long run, when a thing is unconscious, always the same pattern must be lived through; the unconscious things come through. When one is conscious, something can be done with one’s little bit of personal will. But the unconscious things are carried out by seven devils.

Mrs. Crowley: What happens if that participation mystique is assimilated in consciousness by one and not the other?

Dr. Jung: That is a difficult problem which one often meets in analysis. Such a case creates a new potential. T he one who becomes conscious says, “I can’t stand this any longer. You must come along and get conscious too.” Then there is also the possibility that something might happen even if only one of them is conscious, such as is happening to the wife of the dreamer. All the time she is in analysis too.