All is well.

Day 24. Haven’t missed a practice since my re-ignition. Up to ninety minutes every morning!

Only have about 20 poses left until I’m completing the entire Primary Series every morning. This week I’ve moved practice to 7, and now 6:30 AM, with nary a hitch. I believe I’ll stick with 6:30, 6:15 for the next week, eventually getting that puppy to 5:30, 5:15, 5 AM.

It’s much better to practice early in the morning. Doubt doesn’t enter your mind. I didn’t wake up this early to skip practice! It’s not an option!

My concerns about being too stiff to practice were overblown. One, it’s 10-plus degrees warmer now than it was when I first started practicing in the wee hours of the morning last winter. Two, it’s nothing seven — yes, seven; it’s like clockwork — repetitions of Surya Namaskara A & B don’t solve. Yeah, it’s a little uncomfortable at first, but once the first sweat breaks? Those hips get stretched on the Namaskara Bs? There’s no looking back!

This is actually the farthest I’ve ever been in my personal practice. When I practiced in the winter, I wasn’t ending with Finishing Sequence. That was certainly a mistake. Your body and mind need that cool-down.

I’m up to Marichyasana B. In a couple of days — likely Monday, but maybe Sunday, if my practice feels particularly strong — I’ll add Marichyasana C, D and Navasana x5. Headstands! Oh yeah!

Overall it seems like it will take me two hours to do the entire routine. I have realized the advice Polina told me many, many months ago was right re my breathing. Sometimes I have a tendency to stop my breathing between the exhalation and the inhalation. Instead, it should be a rhythm, one coalescing into the next.

That’s actually a lot more challenging than you think. It’s very subtle but it gives your practice a flow, a “wave” you can ride. When you’re straining, or wiping sweat off, sometimes the breath slips and stutters.

Physically, I feel incredible! I’m in excellent shape. I am going to add that day of lifting to my schedule. It’s close. But not yet. We’ll see in two more weeks. More likely it will be in four weeks, the next New Moon.

Still have some fat clustered in my abdomen (mostly lower, the toughest spot to shed), obliques, and hamstrings (the largest fat deposits on my body). But I know I’m stronger: my strength endurance is at an all time high, and my bandhas are really coming along. And most importantly, my recovery, thanks to my phenomenal food intake, is extremely impressive.

Can’t stop, won’t stop.