When we fall asleep with mind and body disconnected, they each go their own way. T he body holds on to stress and tensions accumulated during the day, and the mind, too, continues as it was during the day, running from one place to another, one time to another, ungrounded and lacking any steadiness and calm. It exists in an anxious or drowsy state with very little presence.

To change this situation, to have healthier sleep and stronger results in dream practice, spend a few minutes before sleep reconnecting to presence and calm.

As suggested earlier, imagine being surrounded by enlightened protective beings, particularly by dakinis. Imagine them protecting you as a mother does her child, radiating love and compassion toward you.

Then, feeling secure and at peace, pray, “May I have a clear dream. May I have a lucid dream. May I understand myself through dream.”

Repeat these lines again and again, out loud or internally. This is so simple to do, but it will change the quality of sleep and dreams and you will be more rested and grounded in the morning.