One of the reasons why music is called a celestial art is that it develops music in the personality of its lover.

Tone and rhythm, the principal elements which constitute music, are the only principles of this creation, and may be traced in its beginnings, in its continuity, and in its end. People of lofty and of low ideals, of amiable or unamiable disposition, show the difference of pitch in them. Balance in man, in his thought, speech and deed, in time show rhythm in him. The winning personalities of the world show music in their voice and words. And even before he utters a word, a person shows stupidity in the movements of his body, for they are unrhythmic.

Upon the rhythm of the breath health depends. This at once shows that both mind and body are sound when musical, and disorderly when unmusical.

All beauty in the realm of nature, art or personality is silent music. Every soul has been born on earth to love what is beautiful, and beauty is its only sustenance.

‘God is beautiful and He loves beauty.’ (Hadith)

– Hazrat Inayat Khan