By 1929, more than 148 different cases of “multiples” had been documented in sicence–where multiple scientists independently make the sam ebreakthroughs at the same time.  The subjects in which these breakthroughs occurred included calculus, the theory of evolution, color photography, thermometers, telescopes, typewriters, and steamboats. (17)

Can DNA Be Energetically Transformed from One Species into Another?
Italian scientist Pier Luigi Ighina energetically transformed a living apricot tree into an apple tree, actually causing the fruits on the branches to metamorphose from apricots into apples in only sixteen days. Ighina also zapped a rat with DNA-wave information from a cat, and this caused the rat to grow a catlike tail in four days. (23) Korean scientist Dr. Dzang Kangeng received a patent (N1828665) for a device that used microwaves to transfer the DNA-wave information of a duck into a pregnant mother hen. (24) Roughly 80 percent of the hen’s eggs hatched as half-duck, half-chicken hybrids. Dr. Peter Gariaev zapped salamander eggs with a low-level laser and redirected the beam into frog eggs. The frog eggs experienced a complete metamorphosis and the embryos grew into healthy adult salamanders. They never reverted back to being frogs–nor did their offspring. (25)

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The above was excerpted from David Wilcock’s The Synchronicity Key.