Individual astrology is not merely a study of what will happen to people in the course of their lives. It is a study of the whole human life and everything about it: birth, childhood, relationships throughout life, self-image, the images projected onto others, the calling (in both the highest and most mundane sense of the world), the feelings, and the patterns of energy that one generates around oneself. In the final analysis, the study of the horoscope is the study of almost everything about human beings with which one could possibly be concerned.

No one astrologer can be expected to master all of this, but even with some degree of specialization, astrology is obviously a study that requires the greatest possible depth and breadth of knowledge, wisdom, and experience.

Do not let this discourage you: what else were you planning to do with your life?

But acquaintance with astrologers reveals there are at least as many unenlightened and unconscious people in this field as in any other. Astrology by itself does not lead to understanding. One has to start from a viewpoint that will enable one to create a greater understanding of life. To do this, one must be willing to suspend belief in some concepts by which one has been structuring the world, and to look at the world and one’s involvement in it in a different light. One must be willing to stop playing certain games that one has been playing, and instead to deal with the world as honestly and as openly as possible.

You are, as an individual, the sum total of all your actions, all your experiences, and everything and everyone that is in your life. There is no split between the self and the not-self. Whatever split you may feel changes location within your field of consciousness according to where your attention has turned and what kinds of issues you are dealing with. In other words, the apparent split that you feel is only relative, not absolute.

You are, in the totality of what you are, the creator and focus for divine energy within your universe. This is not to say that there is no God higher than you as an individual. More accurately, you are the channel for that entity’s energy coming into your world.

You do not experience the universe as it is in the ultimate sense, but as it is channeled through your senses and modified by the sum total of your previous conceptions and past experiences. What you create, therefore, is really your experience of the universe, and your experience is yours and uniquely yours.

You create not only the experiences of events involving you with others, but also the experiences of events involving others with others. If such experiences were not appropriate to you at the  time when you experienced them, you would not be in the place that allows you to experience them. Events of which you are unaware may or may not exist on the level of absolute reality, but unless you are aware of such events, they are not real for you and do not exist for you.