In philosophical terms, these two forces can also be assigned genders–light being the masculine force that projects outward and provides raw power in the photon, and love being the feminine force that shapes, molds, and directs the light. Psychologically, we need to balance these personality characteristics, or “archetypes,” in our own lives in order to be healthy. In the Law of One philosophy, the genders we see in biological life are holographic reflections of the basic structure of energy in the universe:

‘That which reaches may be seen as a male principle. That which awaits the reaching may be seen as a female principle. The richness of the male and female system of polarity is interesting–and we would not comment further, but suggest consideration by the student.’


‘The  Father archetype corresponds to the male or positive aspect of electromagnetic energy, and is active, creative, and radiant–as is our local sun. The Mother archetype corresponds to the female or negative aspect of electromagnetic energy, and is receptive or magnetic–as is our Earth, as it receives the sun’s rays and brings forth life via third-density fertility.’ (141)


Another method of viewing polarities might involve the concept of radiation/absorption. That which is positive is radiant; that which is negative is absorbent.

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