Ideally, once we’ve created a tunnel between ourselves and someone else with our thoughts, the exchange of photons flows in both directions. In cases when we are healing others, we send more photons into the body of the person who needs healing, but when we absorb energy, we are actively pulling photons out of someone’s body. As soon as we direct angry thoughts at someone, a tunnel is automatically formed and we immediately begin trying to pull photons through it. To do this successfully, we have to break the other person down by causing them to feel negative emotions such as  guilt, fear, shame, sadness, anger, disgust, terror, or shock. However, if the person stays in a loving but firm state and refuses to allow him- or herself to be bullied while also not indulging in negative emotions, his or her own vital energy will be protected, and nothing will be lost. This is one of the most important Law of One teachings to master if you want to preserve and protect your vital energy.

If we are successful in absorbing energy from someone–if the other person withers in the presence of our anger–then we draw light out of the storehouse of DNA  throughout that person’s entire body.  This provides us with an immediate source of energy. We become more alert and energized–though this is also a cold, thin, and hollow way to restore ourselves and lacks the richness and complexity that naturally fills us when we feel genuine love. In Law of One terms, absorbing energy from someone else is the negative path–and it guarantees that whatever you take from others will soon be taken from you in a similar fashion.