In this model of a living cosmos, light also needs an intelligent means of being transported from one point to another. Dr. Rein’s scientific experiments suggest that as soon as we have a thought about someone–or even start thinking about a sample of living biological material–we automatically create a tunnel between our own body and the life that we focus our attention on. Light immediately begins passing through the tunnel. These energetic passageways are not visible to us and have not yet been measured scientifically, but on a theoretical level, they have to be there in order to explain the observations of many different repeatable laboratory experiments.

In appears, therefore, that there are two different forces at work in this new model of “energetic biology.” We have light, providing the raw power of vitality, and we have another force that shapes, molds, and directs the light through invisible tunnels. Although it may seem like a strange concept right now, the Law of One refers to the force that shapes, molds, and directs the light, creating tunnels between life-forms, as “love.”

In this case, love becomes a very active force that generates invisible, tunnel-like structures, allowing light to be transferred across various distances. Our thoughts create these tunnels. Anytime we have a thought about someone, a tunnel is automatically created in the Source Field between us and that person, and photons begin passing through it. These photons can  then be encoded with the information from our own thoughts, thus creating a practical mechanism for telepathic communication to occur.