Further support for this concept was given by Dr. A. B. Burlakov, another Russian scientist. In this case, Burlakov placed growing fish eggs near each other, so photons could pass freely between them. When he put older, more mature eggs in front of younger, newer eggs, the older eggs literally pulled the health right out of the younger eggs. The  younger eggs soon developed obvious health problems, including withering, deformities, and even death. (142) Thus, it seemed that the older, stronger eggs were directly absorbing life-force out of the younger, weaker eggs–feeding on them for their own survival.  This same mechanism can also allow us to transfer health to others as well. When slightly younger eggs were placed near slightly older eggs in Burlakov’s experiment, the younger eggs actually sped up in their development–and experienced accelerated growth until they reached the same apparent age level as the older eggs.

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