Another great pioneer in this category is Dr.  Glen Rein, a biochemist who graduated from the University of London. Rein found that we can directly control how much light is being stored in someone else’s DNA. (138) Loving, nurturing thoughts create a healing response, increasing the number of photons in the DNA, whereas sudden anger and aggression pulled the light right out of the molecule. In this case, the DNA was from an entirely different person’s body, in a tissue sample from a human placenta. Additionally, Dr. Rein’s participants could consciously control whether or not they were healing the DNA. When they intended to heal the DNA in the placenta, it worked, but if they just focused on being loving and did not direct their minds toward the DNA, the number of photons inside it remained unchanged.

138: Glen Rein, “Effect of Conscious Intention on Human DNA,” in Proceeds of the International Forum on New Science (Denver, 1996)