Whatever we measure out to others will be measured out in turn to us–as consistently and inevitably as the law of gravity keeps us tethered to the earth. For those who have already seen the truth, it is obvious. It may even seem like a kindergarten-level spiritual teaching. For those who have been unwilling to see the truth, nothing could seem more ludicrous.

The ancient Sanskrit word karman means “action,” “effect,” and “fate.” The meaning encompasses both action and reaction–causes and consequences. The word karma also appears in the Hindu language, where it translates closer to the word “work” and involves the effort we make on a soul level to reunify with our highest and truest essence. (203)

Karma does appear to be enforcing an absolute law, which is upheld throughout the universe–the law of free will. If we honor and support the free will of others, we are choosing love, and if we manipulate the free will of others, we are choosing the path of control.