In Hindu philosophy the whole creatoin is regarded as the Vishnu Lila, the Play of Vishnu. Lila means dance or play. Also, in Hindu philosophy, they call the world an illusion; and in Latin the root of the word illusion is ludere, to play. All that is going on, the spinning of the prayer wheel, the pattern in which the flower grows, is just the living. And if you take it seriously and say, “Are you doing anything useful?” Useful for what? Useful for going on?

But if you have to be useful for going on, going on becomes a drag, survival becomes a sweat, and it’s not worth it. And if you teach this to your children, they’ll imitate you. They’ll treat survival as an ordeal which they have to undergo.

They have to keep going on and they’ll teach their children to do it, and the whole continuation of the human race will be a drag which is in fact what it has become because of this attitude. And this is the reason we have invented the atomic bomb and are preparing to commit suicide. We think we must happen and, to the degree to think we think we must happen, we hate it, and are going to bring it to an end, stop it.