If you’re in pain, cry. And if you can’t do that, then pain is your problem. But if you can cry, if you can let go in that way, pain is no problem. And if you get the shudders at death, the idea of death, the idea of not being here anymore, just get those shudders and dig them. Isn’t it curious? You really get the shivers of delight!

So all these emotions we have, the emotions of uptightness, dread, shivers, horrors, can be interpreted in other ways. But we interpret them in a negative way so long as we are under the sense that you absolutely must go on living.

Now, you see, living is something spontaneous. In Chinese the word for nature is ch’i lan, which means that which happens of itself, not under nay control of an outside entity. And they feel that all the world is happening of itself; it’s spontaneous. And you stop this spontaneous flowering of nature cold if you tell it it must do.