Our attention fixes upon figures and ignores backgrounds. We see a painting, a representation of a bird, and do not notice the white paper underneath it. We see a printed book and assume what is important is the printing and that the page doesn’t matter. But if you reconsider the whole thing, how could there be visible printing without the page underlying it?

We somehow consider an underlying position, like the missionary position, to be inferior. But to be underlying is to be fundamental.

The word substance refers to that which stands underneath (sub–underneath and stance–stands). To be substantial is to be underlying, to be the support, the foundation of the world.

This is the great function of the feminine, to be the substance.

The feminine is therefore represented by space, which appears black at night.

Were it not for black and empty space, there would be no possibility whatsoever of seeing the stars. Stars shine out of space and astronomers are beginning to realize that stars are a function of space. Now this seems contrary to our common sense because we think that space is simply nothingness, and do not realize that space is completely basic to everything.