I, Adam, see and draw to me, through Divine Love, those beings who seek Enlightenment through my process. The sharing will both elevate us now.

I, Adam, am willing to move through my barriers of ignorance, fear, and anger so that my sexuality can assert itself.

Every negative thought automatically triggers my creative mind into thinking three desirable positive thoughts.

I, Adam, am learning to love myself more every day.

I, Adam, accept and acknowledge my individual tastes and pleasures in sex.

I, Adam, now practice being good to myself.

I, Adam, now praise and acknowledge myself verbally to myself.

I, Adam, get value out of every relationship because I use it for expansion and enlightenment.

I, Adam, am responsible about using appropriate contraceptives.

I, Adam, find that once this responsibility has been filled, I can relax more.

I, Adam, love all parts of my body.

I, Adam, have the right to initiate sex and be confident about it without being embarrassed.

As a man, I, Adam, am free to be aggressive or passive in my sexuality. I can be submissive and still be masculine when I want to. I can be aggressive when I want to.

Physical affection is acceptable in all of my relationships.

I, Adam, am a good person when I touch myself as well as others.

I, Adam, am now more and more aware of my need for touching and holding and I am rewarded for expressing that and can communicate that.

I, Adam, frequently engage in satisfying and imaginative love play.

Foreplay is actually love play and my partner and I mutually enjoy it with or without coitus or orgasm.

I, Adam, no longer concern myself with the amount of time it takes to get myself or my partner stimulated.

I, Adam, can have sexual feelings towards my parents without acting them out.

It is also okay for me to act out my sex fantasies about my parents with my lover instead.

I, Adam, have a natural tendency to be open and honest in my communication regarding sex.

I, Adam, can now easily expose my feelings and fears.

I, Adam, am learning to express my own sexual needs and desires as valid.

I, Adam, am secure enough to admit it when I feel vulnerable and need love.

I, Adam, no longer blame. I look at what thoughts are going on with me.

I, Adam, have a right to express my true feelings wherever I am, no matter whom I am with.

I, Adam, am no longer afraid of asking for too much nor taking too much time. I deserve all I can get.

I, Adam, avoid creating pressure and tension prior to the act of lovemaking. I now always create a relaxed mood.

I, Adam, don’t have to please my partner the same moment he or she is pleasing me. I can relax and enjoy myself and please her later.

I, Adam, now take responsibility to make any agreements that will ease my mind and help me to relax more.

Whenever I get worried or concerned about something in sex, I communicate it and make an agreement with my partner as to how to solve it so that both of us win.

I am the artist of my own creation.

I now take the responsibility for my own fulfillment in love, and for my own sexual well-being and pleasure.

I deserve love.

I deserve sexual pleasure.