The sooner I experience my own self-love, the sooner I, Adam, can experience the love of others.

I, Adam, no longer deprive myself of the expression of love. I feel wonderful when I express love.

I, Adam, do not hold back any of the love inside me. I express it, knowing that as I distribute it, I’ll always be supplied with more.

I, Adam, radiate love to all persons and places and things I contact each day.

My purpose in life is to be loving and expanding and I, Adam, do this naturally and effortlessly.

I, Adam, am a free channel through which love always flows into expression. Nothing exists within me to block this flow.

I, Adam, breathe in universal love and it enters through every pore and fills every cell of my body.

Love flows through me, Adam, to all humanity.

I, Adam, attract into my life now and always only loving, beautiful people.

My love is instantly transmitted to the subconscious of another telepathically.

The love in me makes me forgive all and everything.

Love is my natural birthright. I, Adam, claim it.

I, Adam, am an irresistible magnet filled with love. Love alone goes forth from me, and true love alone flows back to me.