Those woh fali to distinguish
The nonessential from the essential
And the essential from the nonessential,
Will, in feeding on wrong thoughts,
Fail to attain the essential.

On the other hand, those who correctly perceive
The essential as essential
And the nonessential as nonessential
Will, in feeding on right thoughts,
Attain the essential.

As rain pours through badly thatched houses,
So does desire penetrate the undeveloped mind.

As rain fails to pour through badly thatched houses,
So does desire fail to penetrate the
well-developed mind.

For the doer of evil there is only grief,
Here as well as hereafter.
In both states he expriences grief,
Seeing his own unwholesome acts.

For the doer of good deeds there is rejoicing,
Here as well as hereafter.
Joy and more joy are his,
As he sees his own right action.

A careless person,
Quoting much of the scriptural text
but not living it,
Cannot share the abundance of the holy life,
Just as the cowherd, counting other people’s
Cannot taste the milk or ghee.

Reciting a small portion of the scriptures,
But putting it diligently into practice;
Letting go of passion, aggression, and
Revering the truth with a clear mind;
And not clinging to anything,
here or hereafter;
Brings the harvest of the holy life.